American Culture Project 2019

Hello everyone,

This is a special blog post detailing this school year’s American Culture Project.

Last year, the previous auxiliar de conversación, Alyssa, initiated a project related to the map of the USA and it’s states. Through her project, the students painted the wall leading to the English classroom and upon it, placed a large map of the United States.

To further this project, Elena and I instructed each of the 1st through 4th grade students to create a hand-drawn copy of each state’s flag. The flags varied in size depending on the size of the state. In addition, the students designed and colored the state’s name in the style their choice. As there are only 23 students throughout the 1st through 4th grades, each student drew flags and names for at least two states.

We started this project at the beginning of the school year in September and we recently finished early May. We are very pleased with the results of our newly decorated map, and it is clear that the students worked hard and did a great job!

Thanks for reading!


Happy Spring-Blog Post for January-April

Happy Spring everyone! Here is the blog post for the months of January, February, March and April.

During the month of January, 3rd and 4th grade students learned about different types of clothing in English. In order to solidify their knowledge and have fun while reviewing for their exam, the students participated in a fashion show.

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Each student brought in their silliest clothes and wore them as they strutted down the runway. Meanwhile, the other students would identify the different types of clothing their classmates wore. The fashion show was a lot of fun for both the students as well as  Elena and I.

When we all returned from Winter break, our faculty members decided to invest in 12 brand new tablets to be used in the classroom. In English class, Elena and I use these tablets to play educational games that are more entertaining than the standard book lessons.

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In March, we celebrated Carnaval and Entroido over the course of a whole week. This year, the school’s theme was “bugs” and each grade level came dressed as a different kind. The infantil children were dressed as ladybugs, while the 1st and 2nd graders dressed as butterflies. The 3rd and 4th graders dressed as bees and the 5th and 6th graders dressed as ants. The teachers dressed according to their class except for Miguel and I who dressed as bug catchers.

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To kick off the celebration, the whole school took off on a parade around the town of Parga where local shop owners greeted the students with candy and other treats.

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When we arrived back at the school, the students performed songs and dances related to their bug costumes. In addition, the 5th and 6th graders ceremoniously condemned this year’s Entroido through the form of poetry as well as a skit.

Every year, the students select an issue taking place around the world and create a related figure using paper mache, known as an Entroido. This year, the students selected a local figure and modeled their Entroido after a train conductor. In March, local officials were discussing the possibility of rerouting the train in Parga, in a way that would divide the town in half. The local community is against separating the already small town with train related barriers and the Entroido this year supports that sense of community.

At the end of the festivities we set fire to the Entroido as a way of showing our support to the community of Parga and it’s wishes to remain undivided.

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Recently, the 1st through 6th graders went on an excursion to the port city of Viveiro. First we visited the “lonja” (mass fish distributor) where we were able to observe the different ways that fish are sold and distributed all throughout Galicia.

Next we stopped by the Spanish Coast Guard station where we were greeted by the station’s search and rescue team. During our visit, we learned about the equipment used by the team as well as their standard rescue procedures. This stop was especially impressive as we were able to observe the station’s helicopter.

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After the coast guard station, we stopped at another building to learn about the daily life of fishermen and their fishing techniques. Here, the students tried on different types of clothing and pretended that they were fishermen for the day.

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Finally, we ended the day at a local seafood restaurant where we ate delicious food. In fact, we were quite shocked when almost all the students happily ate the uncommon seafood on their plate. All in all, it was a great excursion and I am very glad I had the opportunity to tag along.


Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope you enjoy the photos of these events as much as we did!



November and December

Hi everyone, here is the combined blog post for the months of November and December.

During the month of November, the students participated in an event known as “Día Internacional contra a Violencia de Género” recognized throughout Galicia to promote an end to gender-based violence. Each student in Parga left their handprint on a large poster in a show of support to end gender-based violence.

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Later in November, students in the 3rd and 4th grade recreated a famous painting by Joan Miró. Each student was required to recreate at least two squares of the original painting. After spending many arts and crafts periods working diligently, the final product was spectacular.

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Finally, towards the end of the month, the students learned about Thanksgiving and its origin as a holiday within the United States. In order to celebrate the holiday, students created their own turkeys, each with feathers describing what they are thankful for this holiday season.


In preparation for end of the trimester exams, the 5th and 6th grade English classes participated in a game of Jeopardy. Similar to the American game show, categories and questions pertaining to our class subject matter were provided on the big screen for the students. The classes were split into three teams each with their own team name. Jeopardy proved to be an interesting way to prepare the students for their exams while having fun. We will definitely be playing Jeopardy for each unit we have for the rest of the year.

In December, the entire school prepared performances for the annual Christmas Festival. The various performances consisted of dance numbers, singing, acrosports, school appropriate raps and even musical performances by some of the faculty members. The festival concluded with a visit by Santa Clause, who brought a sack full of goodies for all of the students. All in all, the day was a fantastic send-off for the students and faculty as they left to enjoy their two week holiday break. Here are the links to many of the performances. Enjoy!



October 2018


Greetings to all! My name is James Mayoral and I am this year’s Auxiliar de Conversación here at CEIP Santo Estevo de Parga. It is my pleasure to be here with you and I look forward to exchanging my own United States culture with the Galician (and Spanish) culture of the students and faculty. I am excited for the rest of the year and plan on updating this blog with each month’s big events and activities.


Throughout the month of October, we celebrated two important holidays: Magosto and Halloween.



Starting with Magosto, we celebrated the annual falling of the castañas (chestnuts) on the 26th of October. To celebrate the holiday, students and teachers took part in a school-wide scavenger hunt created by our physical education teacher Miguel.

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The students were divided into teams with a specific color based upon their grade level. While searching for their colored castañas, the students found clues in the form of refranes (sayings) related to Magosto. At the end of the scavenger hunt, each group recited their favorite refrán by memory.


After lunch, the students gathered in the football stadium with their baskets, where the sixth graders served the castañas they had prepared earlier on the grill. As is tradition, students took the cooled ashes from the castañas and wiped them on everyone’s faces.

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We ended the day by playing some Magosto related games such as “Castaña Spoon Races”, “Steal the Castaña”, and “Castaña Sack Races” amongst others.


A few days later, we celebrated Halloween throughout the school.

In preparation for Halloween, students decorated Jack-o-Lanterns and brought them to display in our hallways.

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On the 31st, students and teachers dressed up in their scariest costumes to embrace the Halloween spirit.

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To celebrate, students watched the movie Coco and learned about el Dia de los Muertos as a few of the teachers began to set up the Halloween games and activities.

When lunch ended, students enjoyed playing games and activities such as “Ghostball”, “Spider and Candy Hunt”, “Mummy Wrap” and many others.

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October was a busy month and soon we will prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday in November as well as the upcoming Christmas Festival in December. Thanks for reading!



PROXECTO PROXECTA 2018:Fitofaladoiro. Saídas.

Sensibilizamos aos nenos coa saída polos arredores ó centro ,coñecendo a fraga e a súa recollida de follas.Estudamos o tamaño,forma e color de cada unha así como a procedencia da árbore da que proceden. Convivimos connosco e coa natureza nunha tarde de respiro,felicidade e estudo natural.

Aprendemos relacionado coas nosas vivencias e intereses tanto nenos máis pequenos como maiores.

En días seguintes realizamos estampacións plásticas varias coas follas das diferentes prantas.

PROXECTO PROXECTA 2018:Fitofaladoiro

Nestas terras de pedra,monte e auga seguimos un ano máis co compromiso ético e de responsabilidade sostible,formando aos nosos alumnos nos bens de pertenza,deixados pola natureza e conservado polas xeracións ancentrais.
Estudar dende o máis preto infirindo comparacións ao lonxano.
Veciños e pais de alumnos axudaron a concientizar da nosa riqueza e de tantas empresas que viven ó redor do noso monte.Perservalo,coidalo e conservalo é tarefa de todos.
Temática que nos compromete como mestres conectados ó medio onde está inserido o centro.
O compromiso de perservar pasa dende o primeiro momento por coñecer,traballar,vivencialo e estudalo.Dende a primeira saída ó bosque coas idades máis temperás ata a investigación máis profunda.